The Best Casinos Of The Near Future

Billion dollar casino projects are popping up around the world, with Asia and Australia in the lead. The new Crown Casino project in Sydney is set to make it one of Australia’s largest luxury casinos as soon as it opens. In Asia, however, there is a good amount of gamblers in Macau, Vitenam and Korea eagerly awaiting.

Hoiana  An, Vietnam

There are currently seven licensed casinos across the country in Vietnam. As crowds of tourists fill Ho Tram Casino Resort and Phoenix International Club, the impression is that there is room for something else too. The first part of the Suncity’s Hoiana project will be completed later this year. The whole project is divided into seven different parts, and it will take an impressive thirteen year time frame to complete. The casino will feature 1,000 starter slot machines, with room for another 1,000 ready to use if growth continues smoothly.

Grand Lisboa Palace

Cotai, Macau

Why build just one Grand Lisboa when you can make two? The Cotai Strip needs another raise from the Sociedade de Jogos de Macao (SJM Holdings), and will get it when the new casino opens its doors later this year. The structure is now close to its complete construction; a $ 4.6 billion project that includes 2,000 hotel rooms, a casino and a shopping mall. The New Grand Lisboa Palace will include between 300 and 500 new gaming tables, which is a good addition to the SJM Group of twenty casinos in Macau.

Caesars Korea

Incheon, South Korea

 South Korea has always tried to catch up and keep up with Manila and Macau’s success in the casino business. Paradise City, which cost Incheon 1.4 billion, opened its doors in 2017, and now those who designed it are eager to expand it. An expansion of Paradise City would also be welcome for the local population. 

However, Caesars Entertainment is jumping on the Korean winners bandwagon with their casino, which is due to open in 2021. It would be the first South Korean casino owned by an internationally recognized brand.  


Las Vegas, USA

 Surely it’s been a while since the iconic Vegas Strip created a new Casino-resort. But all this can change if Asher Gabay’s project is implemented. Estimating a budget of around $ 325-350 million, the project called Astral would provide 620 rooms, a 5-star hotel and casino. If built, the Astral will be the first casino built on this end of the Strip since 1998. 

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